7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Wednesday 13 - Thursday 14 May

From the very start, between Stefania Cazzato and Pascal Greco, there's been immediacy. Stun was brought quite naturally by a coming together of desires and their artistical match, a fine combination that gave birth to this movie. A captivating atmosphere, at dream's threshold, of otherworldliness. The gaze on two worlds that everything oppose. An outline's mysterious presence. A slowness' gravitas to produce rythm. Soundscapes : piano, violin, electronic sounds and an organ, whose powerful hallmark established itself at the hearts of the two directors, with Goodbye Ivan as the conductor. The places, the caracter and the music are in complete osmosis, offering a poetic shift, installing a complentative temporality.

Body convulses, got muscular jets, loss of joints, gestures that prevail there where nothing was provided. Movements organized by affection. She speaks without words. Empty and full intertwine closely. Absences and fullness, immensities and details, echoing forms and materials. Is it all real? This film is a dream, a passage. Signs of another language create, like this body barely identified, open doors. You can enter, get lost, find, derive...

The soundtrack will be played live on the film by 3 musicians: Sabrina Morand (violin), Goodbye Ivan (piano and machinery) and Diego Innocenzi (organ).

Coproduction : Mapping Festival
With the support of the Ville de Genève and the République et canton de Genève