7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Wednesday 13 - Saturday 16 May

Mapping Playground

Workshop conducted by CHiKA (US/JP), Mike Latona (BE),
Matt Mets (US) + MAD team (FR/CH) & special guests

This workshop is a collaboration between several artists, programmers and multimedia designers, and will offer a creative playground around video mapping.

During 4 days, the students will explore new techniques for softwares, electronics, LED lighting, video mapping and interactive installations - all in one place.

After learning how to manage and execute an installation, the ideas and projects will be rendered into a public exhibition at the end of the workshop.


DAY 1: theory

- General introduction
- New MadMapper features
- Introduction of MiniMAD device
- Making teams
- Practice

DAYS 2 & 3: participants choose their main focus

FOCUS 1: Map on Masks (Mike Latona)

- Making of projection mapping surfaces: origami masks
- Creation of video contents
- Practice: projection mapping on the masks using Modul8, MadMapper, Syphon, MapMap, etc.

Map on Masks

FOCUS 2: BlinkyTile / 3D LED sculptures (Matt Mets)

- Making of a freeform 3D light sculpture using BlinkyTile
- Creation of video contents
- Practice: mapping the BlinkyTile sculptures with MadMapper


FOCUS 3: Interactive Mapping (CHiKA & Laurent Novac)

- Making of an interactive projection mapping installation using social networks, live web feeds, a camera, a Kinect, a Leap Motion, a MIDI controller and OSC control from other devices like smartphone and iPad
- Practice: interactive mapping with MadMapper

Interactive MappathonDAY 4: making installations

Team Work: making of installations for the public

Closing event - Saturday 16th May, starting at 7pm


Instructors biographies

She is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience. She is a creator of a projection mapping workshop marathon, Mappathon, that teaches mapping projection technique to create site specific installations.

Mike Latona (BE)
Mike Latona, aka Los Hermanos, has been a visual artist for 15 years; VJ, mapper, painter, graphic designer influenced by street art. In 2013, he joins the Mapping Festival team in Geneva and develops ideas for space and stage designs, while providing the signage and different workshops for the event. Mike Latona is also the creator of the Bam Festival in Liege and of the new video mapping, open source  software MapMap, created in collaboration with the Quebec artists Alexandre Quessy and Sofian Audry.

Matt Mets (US)
Founder of Blinkinlabs, Matt is a designer who uses electronics to create playful objects that teach and inspire. An electrical engineer by training, he’s been at various times an RF engineer, embedded systems architect, writer, and exhibit designer. He currently lives in Guangzhou, China, where he enjoys fast access to the world’s largest electronics manufacturing base.

MAD Team:
Boris Edelstein (CH), François Wunschel (FR), Laurent Novac (CH),
Pier Schneider (FR), Alex Reche (FR) + special guests

The MAD Team (1024, GarageCUBE and some of their MAD-programmers) will be present to introduce the last evolutions and features of MadMapper 2.0 as well as the new MAD invention: the MiniMAD.
The MAD Team will accompany CHiKA's, Mike Latona's and Matt Mets' workshops so as to exploit all of the possibilities and resources offered by MadMapper for the various applications proposed during these workshops.