7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Thursday 7 - Sunday 17 May

Timée from director and plastician Guillaume Marmin, uses Plato's eponymous opus as a starting point, in which the philosopher develops his Music of the Spheres theory. The installation immerses its visitors in a kinetic univers built from sounds and lights. In the darkness, as much as in space, spheres operate around each other and make up harmonious systems. Sometimes, disruptive events turn this delicate equilibrium upside down in a chaotic manner. Explosions, black holes emerge  and give birth to new sytems. Inspired by endless questionings, as much the universe's equilibrium, or humanity's place within it, anyone can create his own stories, thanks to Timée’s poetic and intuitive proposition.

TIMÉE - The music of the spheres, audiovisual installation
Concept & production: Guillaume MARMIN
Music: Philippe GORDIANI
Booking & production: Juliette BIBASSE
Construction: Charly FRENEA
Shooting: Rémi DEVOUASSOUD
In collaboration with Lyon Astrophysics Research Center
Thanks: Château de St-Priest, Aude Monasse, Isabelle Vauglin
Pictures and visuals: ©GM & ©Joanie Lemercier