7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Friday 8 - Saturday 9 May

In collaboration with the Fête de la danse

The project Opera III  pursues a research on the theme of the initiatory ritual and more specifically on the relation between the guide and the initiated. In this chapter, the musician/guide produces a score directly translated by a network of sensitive sensors which are mounted on the costume of the dancer/initiated. The combination of multiple mediums (music, visuals and movement) allow the dancer to materialize a new stage of his introspective process.

Giuseppe Bucci and Charles Mugel also conduct a three day workshop in collaboration with the Mapping Festival.

Giuseppe Bucci - Auteur, Chorégraphe, Interprète
Charles Mugel - Compositeur, Sound designer, Interprète
Alex Bryand - Créateur lumières et vidéo
Caroline Bault – Styliste
Photographies – Manuela Bucci