7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Thursday 14 May – 20:00

Biolive is an audiovisual show where the music of Óscar Mulero merges live with the visual world of the artist collective known as Fium and creates a dialogue that unfolds before the eyes and ears of the audience. Biolive, Óscar Mulero’s first live project as a producer aside from his career as a DJ, revolves around sounds that seek to scrutinise the phenomenal character of reality. The proposal could also be understood as the map of a personal cosmos, made up of the explosion of a variety of electronic universes, all of an experimental nature: from the textures of Aphex Twin’s « Selected Ambient Works » and their almost familiar nuances, to the cold and futuristic feel of the early works of Autechre and the uncomplicated beats of LFO.

Taking a study on image models representing a variety of organic shapes such as plants or different rocks and minerals as a starting point, the pictures presented by Fium weave a sort of narration that stands right in between the analogue and digital spheres, and that, in turn, leads us from micro to macro.

Music · Oscar Mulero
Visual art · Fium
Interactive visual art and Concept Design · Fium + Jorge Cano
Programming · Jorge Cano + Eduardo Moriana
Lighting · Fium + Pelayo Rodríguez

With the collaboration of:
LABoral Centro de Arte and Creación Industrial
Archival footage by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and Masahiro Tachibana