7 – 17 May
visual audio &
deviant electronics
Saturday 16 May – 23:00
L.i.e.s 1

Ron Morelli


Quietly kicking around the grime of the New York City underground for some time, Ron Morelli started the L.I.E.S. label in 2010 as an outlet to release the music of a tight knit group of friends who were making tracks around the city. What started as a small project to release his own music and those of local producers, it slowly evolved as more people came out of the woodwork with contributions for the label. Known for his sonically grating dj style, Morelli has been on the road much of the last year, playing almost 6 out of 12 months all over Europe and beyond. When time allows, Ron also produces music under the monikers of L.I.E.S., U-202, Two Dogs in a House (w/Steve Summers), and Bad News (w/Doug Lee). To say he's a busy man is an understatement.